The attitude towards aluminum plate surface treatment determines the future development

The company will carry out some surface treatment for aluminum plate. The following are five surface treatment methods for aluminum plate:

1. Electrophoretic painting

This treatment method is widely used in Japan. After such treatment, the surface of aluminum plate presents a smooth side and the corrosion resistance will be enhanced.

2. Powder electrostatic spraying

The main feature is to enhance the corrosion resistance of aluminum plate. For some acid and alkali salts, this aluminum plate is better than oxidation colored profiles.

3. Frosted fabric

The pattern aluminum plate itself is very bright, but there will be interference highlights in a certain environment in our life. The use of frosted sand can well customer service. Its surface is as smooth as silk and is loved by many people.

4. Multi tone surface treatment

The previous traditional color aluminum plate can no longer meet the needs of some designers. In order to make the aluminum plate work better, there are various color treatments to make the color of the aluminum plate more perfect. A very important point is that the effect is better after polishing and oxidation.

5. Plasma enhanced electrochemical surface ceramics

This is the science and technology that uses the trend. After this treatment, the quality of aluminum plate is very good. Although the cost is high, you can get the goods for every penny. It is very important that this aluminum plate can also carry out a series of color registration. The lower cost of oxidation treatment of aluminum plate is oxidation treatment. Many manufacturers of this oxidation treatment adopt this method. If you don't care about the cost, you can also use surface amorphous treatment or spraying carbide.