How to deal with the poor conductivity of aluminum plate due to coloring

Aluminum plate can be colored. Have you seen any industries in which colored aluminum plate is applied? Colored aluminum plate is also the colored aluminum plate we see in our daily life! What are the possible defects when coloring aluminum plate? What problems can we solve? Next, let's learn about it!

Causes and treatment of light color and color difference of aluminum plate

1. The thickness of oxide film is uneven. The possible reason is that the temperature and concentration of the anodizing tank liquid are uneven. At this time, the tank liquid shall be stirred with compressed air to solve such problems.

2. Uneven temperature or concentration of dye solution. Introduce mixing process and increase mixing times at the same time.

3. Dyeing speed is too fast. The bottom of the workpiece first enters the dye solution and leaves the dye solution, so the bottom is easy to dye deeply. The solution is to dilute the dye and prolong the dyeing time appropriately.

4. Poor conductivity. It may be caused by loose hanger. Pay attention to hanging tightly to avoid such problems

5. If the dye is too thin, dye can be added to increase the concentration.

6. The dye temperature is too low. The dye solution can be heated below 60 ℃.

7. If the dye is not dissolved properly or insoluble dye floats, it is easy to produce color difference at this time. The solution is to improve dye dissolution.