Aluminum coil is a very popular material on the market

How do you tell the quality of aluminum coil? As a professional aluminum coil manufacturer, we can say that we have a very good understanding of aluminum coil. Aluminum coil has a wide range of uses. It is not only useful in architecture, but also used to make decorations! Many of our lives are inseparable from the use of aluminum coils, such as elevators in residential areas and buildings. Today, let's learn about the quality of aluminum roll!

1. The coil surface shall be clean, and it is unqualified if there are cracks and oxidized impurities

2. The surface of the coil shall be free of defects such as indentation, scratch and roll indentation, but its depth shall not exceed the allowable negative deviation of the plate, and a small thickness shall be guaranteed.

3. The process aluminum clad thick plate is not allowed to have the falling off part of the coating and the bubble of the coating.

4. Defects within the range of thickness difference are not allowed to be repaired on the plate surface.